We Elevate
The Voice of
The Grassroots​

It’s time that Conservatives have a grassroots Media Organization that works for our way of life.

We provide a neutral Forum where your Conservative candidates can interact, and present you honest and objective analysis.

A step in the right direction

Why We Are Different

We’ve seen how Mainstream Media does it: They divide and shame until even people on the same side can no longer talk civilly to one another.  We are building the Forum of the future, where even the most scrappy independent conservative candidate is welcome. 

What if ….you could not only go to your favorite conservative candidate’s website, but you could see how him or her interacts in the same space as other conservative candidates?

What if … hard questions were asked, but not to the point of causing someone to leave the conversation?

What if … we brought the conversations out of the expensive blink-and-you-miss-it, controlled debates, and instead you got to see your conservative candidates engage with each other on an even playing field?  THIS is the Ohio Election Forum.

The big idea

How it's Meant to work

Every great enterprise begins with an idea.  The Forum is not going to be a place for Memes, rants, or things that will quickly lead to de-platforming. We will open the door wide for the candidates to speak and post, directly into our Forum.  We will approve posts from ‘everyday citizens’ who have legitimate questions for the candidates.

Candidates Post directly

Once we've confirmed that an actual candidate or sitting politician has joined our Forum with a legitimate account, we will pre-approve posts.

Facilitators post with Logo and ID

You won't have to squint to see who the Admins are. When our Facilitators post, they will include our company logo and title. We will be clear when we're giving commentary vs objective reporting

A clean forum your grandma can visit

This is a profanity-free zone. We encourage the candidates to adhere to this rule, but certainly we will be cleaning-out member posts that do not add value.

Your voice interacting with their voice

Your hard questions and poll-requests, prayers and testimonials for your favorite candidate are welcome here. This is NOT a Forum to relentlessly bash ANY candidate.

Passion for the truth begins with the people at the core

Meet The Team

Damon M Appel


Matt (Doc) Truman

Freelance Contributor
Podcaster (Truman's Town Hall)

Dean Glover

Freelance Contributor

Donna Ping-Howlett

Freelance Contributor

Eric Alberts

Freelance Contributor

Monica Deifendeifer

Freelance Contributor

steps to our future

Get to Know your candidates

Don’t wait until the last 3 days before you vote, to understand who you’re voting for.  Let’s put the fun back into engaging in civil discourse.  Let’s make it easy to learn to fulfill our civic responsibility to elect just and good rulers to serve over our future and our families’ futures.


learn about all the Most important issues

Let’s not let certain topics stay in the shadows.  Let’s bring what is truly important into the front of the public discussion.

We’ll provide op-ed columns, and it’ll be clear when it’s our own opinion…and then stay out of the way and be objective when we’re reporting news.


Comparing candidates objectively on the issues

If the candidates don’t want to compare each other directly, we’ll take from what they’ve said and provide as straight-forward and correct a comparison as feasible.

If something is wrong, we’ll correct it, and be clear about why content has changed.


Interact with the people who serve you, or intend to serve you

Most importantly, it’s time for silos of information to be shattered. We all have come to live our lives in silos, and many candidates have benefited from being able to speak only to their own fans.  This will become the groundswell of people that can’t be ignored by Mainstream candidates.

You Deserve the best shot at securing freedom

With conservatives experienced in social media and speaking in ways that will avoid de-platforming

from the Contributors

freedom, liberty and integrity in Ohio

OEF Endorses Marshall Usher for Governor

Ohio Election Forum endorses Write-in candidates Marshall Usher and Shannon Walker for 2022 Ohio Governor and Lieutenant Governor. The only true, viable conservative choice.

OEF Opinion: Endorsements

Could someone out there with a connection to President Trump please tell him that OHIO DOESN’T WANT HIS ENDORSEMENTS, prior to the Primary? This is

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